1 August 2012

Jack Wills Summer Sale Haul

Hi all,

So, recently Jack Wills had its Summer sale, and I was happy to take advantage of it! They always have a really great sale, cutting up to 70% off the normal sale price so I decided to get a few things. Most of the stuff I got I ordered on the internet, as sometimes its hard to get your size in the shop. I did however get a pair of socks in the shop, even though they had been sold out online.
So the first things are very exciting! Two pairs of socks. They are ankle length, and I got them because they will look really nice with brogues.
Moving on to actual clothing, I got a white dress 'the Cottenham dress' and the tank top is the 'Elwick vest' (more details to follow... :)

I love the back of this tank top, with the flowery lace as the racer back. It gives quite a sporty shape a very feminine and soft feel. I love the feel of this top also, its really soft. The only downside is that it needs a bandeau underneath, as it wasn't suitable for a bra (more shopping!) 
This dress has a long back story. I tried it on first in London, and I really liked it, but I didn't buy it because it came in a different colourway which I wasn't able to try on. So when the sale came up I was actually in Ireland, with no access to internet. When I got back home they said it was sold out :( but when I checked the website a few days later it was back again. So I bought it there and then :)
It has a very 1950's feel, with the full gathered skirt and the wide neckline (I found the neckline a little weird on me when I first tried it on, but it has grown on me)
I love the back of this dress with the little opening and the bow. I will probably look for a little skinny belt to wear with this dress, just to break up the white for a different look.
I was very pleasantly surprised with this bag, the discount was really good and when it arrived I was surprised by how big it actually is. I am going to use it as my carry on for my next flying trip, and maybe as a beach bag. Its really handy because it has a zipper, which would keep your things safer than most tote bags.

Hope you enjoyed this little haul

xox Niamh xox

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