24 February 2013

Nail Polish Organization

Hi all,

I recently got an order from amazon, which was a few organisational pieces to hold make up and things. I got a nail polish organiser stand thingy, which I had been very tempted to get for a while (to hold my ever growing nail polish collection)

If you are interested this is where I got the acrylic nail polish holder : Click here

I was really pleased with the actual container. It said online that it holds 30 nail polishes (this isn't O.P.I sized polishes, I think its maybe essie sized bottles) The OCD part of me had so much fun putting the bottles in order of colour and brand, and looking at it makes me feel happy (I am aware I have a problem!!!)

Here is how my collection looks now that it is beautifully organised :) ....

I had pre-measured my bath room cabinet to make sure it would fit. Always do this before ordering new furniture or other items, as it is such a pain if they arrive and don't fit!
I have really been enjoying the new lay out, and its great because I can actually see all of the polishes :)

Hope you enjoyed

xox Niamh xox

12 February 2013

Butterfly Fashion

Hi all,

So, for a project at college I designed and made a butterfly cape which I sharing with you now :) It was only a three week project so I didn't have a huge amount of time to make it (only 1 week!) But I gave it my best effort and I quite like how it has turned out.

I discovered that symmetry is really hard! The front doesn't line up perfectly (which annoys me as I am a perfectionist, and I have been tempted to unpick the whole thing to re-do it... but then I realise that there are more important things in life) The back lines up okay, so its not a complete disaster.

Its got appliqued sections which I embroidered using dissolvable fabric and stitch to 'fuse' the two colours together. And the little white blobs, I painted on with acrylic. Some heavy duty interfacing is helping to hold the shape.

Hope you like it...........

I am hoping that if we get some nice weather where I live I am going to do a proper photoshoot with the cape. I really want to photograph some one wearing it in a forest with sun-light streaming through the branches.... that is if we get any sun this year! :)

xox Niamh xox

10 February 2013

Fassbender & Rausch - Chocolate in Berlin

Hi all,

For the last week I have been in Berlin (which hopefully explains the lack of posts!) I was on a 'study trip' with my art college, and we saw so many amazing things in Berlin (museums, galleries....) Berlin is such an amazing city, and I will definitely be making a return trip some time, as I feel I have only scraped the top of all there is to see there.

One place we went was the Fassbender and Rausch chocolate shop (chocoholics prepare yourselves!) They have chocolate replicas of lots of different berlin landmarks, and other amazing things. I got a few things (mostly for my parents, but I also got myself some hot chocolate... which I am trying today!)

I took some pictures to convey the amazing-ness of the shop. Unfortunately you can't smell through a computer screen, but go grab a bar of chocolate and smell it as you scroll :)

The Titanic... in chocolate
This stunning cherub was so amazing, its cast in the round so it has a face and everything.
CHOCOLATE PLANE... it was flying above our heads.
The Reichstag Building, I have to admit the large buildings in chocolate looked like they were kind of melting.
Brandenburg Gate in chocolate.


I am going to go and make that hot chocolate now :)

xox Niamh xox

6 February 2013

Bobbi Brown - Pink and Red

Hi all,

So, as a devoted Bobbi Brown junkie I am always excited to see the new collections that come out. The latest collection only recently released is the Pink and Red collection. It features... you've guessed it... Pink and Red!
There are two lip sticks, two lip glosses, two cheek tints and two nail polishes. All of these items are limited edition, in other words if you like them get them now (or they will be gone forever!!!)

So, I had a look through the collection, and went to my nearest Bobbi Brown counter. I tried out the red cheek tint, which has a really pretty finish (gives you a flushed glow) Its quite like a cream blush, but in a tube form. I think it would be really handy if you were on the go, and wanted to pop it into your makeup bag. I didn't buy it however, as I have a cream blush that I am working my way through.

Now onto the lip products of which I bought two:

I tried on the red lipstick called heart. It is really amazing, the colour is your classic red lip, and as it is a slightly blue hued red it makes you teeth look that little bit more white. The matte finish is really nice, but not drying, and you can build up the colour to as strong as you want (depending on how daring you are with your lip colour) The formula of both these lipsticks (pink and red) are the long lasting one, supposedly can last up to 8 hours. I love it!!

Now, to add to the lips I also got the pink lip gloss in Pretty in Pink. It is a very sheer gloss which you could wear alone to give a shine to the lips, or over another lipstick to amplify the gloss. Thats what I have done with the red, which I can wear matte, or with a shine. The lip gloss is a really nice consistency (i.e not sticky) and has a slight minty flavour to it, which makes your lips tingle a little. It kind of wakes them up :)

Swatches below:

If you are interested in this new limited edition collection from Bobbi Brown I recommend you to go and check out some of the products. You might find something you like :)

Hope you enjoyed

xox Niamh xox

3 February 2013

Knitting Sample

Hi all,

So here is the little knitting sample I made in the knitting workshop I did. I knitted with both net and a yarn I made up. I had never thought of making my own yarn, but it is really fun and gives you so much more control over the design and outcome.
I combined three existing yarns (a black wool, blue chenille yarn and a grey mohair yarn) I stitched them together using the zig zag stitch on the sewing machine, and every 10 cms or so I included a little strip of the same netting (or a white cotton)
I knitted it up on 5mm needles, which I think might be a little too small for the net. I am cursed with being quite a tight knitter, so I did struggle in a few places to get the needles through the net!

Here it is...

So...who loves knitting???

xox Niamh xox

1 February 2013

Knitting BIG SCALE!

Hi all,

Yesterday I took part in a knitting workshop at college. I though we would just be working with our knitting needles, but to start the session we knitted in a circle, using out arms as the needles! It was so fun. We used clear and black plastic on a reel, and looped it round the circle to make this huge knitted cylinder.
Here are a few pics to better explain it :)

So you can see... super fun!! It was quite cool to look through it like a tunnel. (kind of reminded me of the intro to doctor who) :)

xox Niamh xox