30 June 2013

Final Show Fashion Illustrations

Hi all,

As promised, here are the close up images of the fashion illustrations that I produced to go along with the fashion piece I produced. These illustrations were the way I chose to communicate the collection I designed. I used gold ink to tie the actual design material in with the illustration. The collection is of six garments that are all of a similar aesthetic, which emphasize and restrain different areas of the body.

xox Niamh xox

27 June 2013

End of Year Show

Hi all,

My Art Foundation year has come to a close, and it went out with a bang. Our end of year show was a great success, and I think everyones work looked great. I had on display the gold bustle cage and illustrations of the "collection" that it would be a part of.
The garment is made from PVC plastic, which I spray painted gold, then riveted together. The ribbon lacing the back and front was a combination of a green satin ribbon, and an off white cotton lace. (I lovingly stitched the two together for 3 hours!)
I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Based on Victorian fashion and history, it is restrained and cage-like, which reflects how women were treated in that time. The high neckline, is quite claustrophobic to wear. Oh and the green ribbon is a similar colour to the killer wallpaper that was fashionable at the time, which was laced with arsnic. (Happy things really!)


Me with the piece. Dress and lace top from Free People (see previous post)
Hope you enjoyed seeing it.
Future post with close up photos of the illustrations is in the works :)

xox Niamh xox

24 June 2013

Free People Haul

Hi all,

Free People has to be one of my favourite shops ever. There clothes are so unique, with really great quality fabrics (lots of natural fibres) and details. It was my main shopping place when we were in Washington (even though its technically in Virginia) I was so excited about going there are there are no shops in England. Urban Outfitters occasionally sells their clothes, and you can buy things online, but that doesn't give you the real experience.

I was really spoilt with attention when I was there, it was like having a personal shopper with me. It was really quiet, so I had the full attention of the shop assistants. I ended up spending what felt like 3 hours in there, trying on outfit after outfit (tempted by all of them) I eventually whittled it down to a few pieces that I knew I would be able to wear in the not so amazing English weather, almost year round.

Here is what I got:           (p.s I will put links where I can!)
Boxy Pieced Lace Pullover
I love this oversized lightweight jumper. The lace panels on the sides are so pretty, and the colour is different to anything else I own (its also available in white and black) The lace tops I also got go really well under this, along with a pair of high waisted shorts or a high waisted skirt. 
This shirt was perfect for the hot weather we experienced in Washington. Its a lightweight cotton shirt with hombre colour from fuchsia to cream. I am not a pink person, but I really loved this skirt. Its longer at the back than the front, and the sleeves can be let down or rolled up (as shown here)

Pieced Lace Tunic
This nude colour slip is so pretty, there is lace and frills in the skirt that are really floaty and pretty (not fantastic if the wind picks up!) It comes in a variety of colours, but I got this one. I have nothing like it, and it will go with lots of other colours. 
This red dress is probably the most dressy thing I got. It also came in cream, but I thought that the red was very eye catching. The black embroidery is really pretty and highlights the interesting shoulder detail and back cross over. Its fitted at the waist and is a little looser in the skirt. I am looking forward to wearing this for a dinner out, or dressing it down for day wear.

Printed Bed of Blossoms Slip
This slip is really comfy to wear. The fabric is a jersey t-shirt like fabric. I really like the blues and greys in the print, and I found that the jumper I got really goes well with it. The skirt has little panels of lace in, which is really pretty and delicate. There is a small lace strip above the waist.

Scallop Edge Crop and Galloon Lace Racerback
Free People is all about layering to create interesting outfits with unique textures, and one of the ways they do this is using base layers like these. The Scallop Edge Crop (which is the white, yellow and pink) is a crop top that could be worn under a garment or with a high waisted garment, giving a different look to the outfit. They are so comfortable and soft, I have a feeling that I will be wearing them with everything I own. The Cream and black Galloon lace racerback bralettes would be worn under a top or dress, such as the black one under the red dress I got. They again give a different look, and are similarly really comfy to wear. They have lots of different colours of both tops and these can be used in so many different outfits. Love them!

I plan to do some outfit of the day posts showing how I style theses pieces. I love the free people styling, and I am going to try to put my own spin on it.

I found out that there is a pop up Free People shop in Selfridges London right now June 17th - July 28th, So any Free People lovers in the UK should make there way over there! (I will definitely try to)

Stay tuned!

xox Niamh xox

14 June 2013

The Cheese Cake Factory

Hi all,

In Arlington I was recently introduced to the Cheese Cake Factory. I had heard about it previously, and was excited to go there for the first time (none over here in England!) Their menu is extensive, pages and pages of yummy sounding dishes (not to mention the two pages just for cheesecakes)
First off, the portions sizes are CRAZY BIG! I was actually shocked when I saw just how big they were. I had a really tasty salad, the lunch size, and even that floored me. I had a tiny amount of room left for the cheesecake that I had drooled over as we passed the bakery section. I got the ultimate red velvet cheesecake which was amazing...

Again, similar to the main course the slice of cheesecake was massive. Its a good thing that I had my dad there to help me finish it (I think I managed about 40% of it!) So yummy though.
I though I would share a few pictures that I took there, to make you hungry, hehe :)

Whenever we are back in the states we will definitely be tracking down another cheesecake factory.

xox Niamh xox

2 June 2013

First Lady Fashion

Hi all,

I have been on a little break for the past week, in Washington D.C. I had a wonderful trip, and will be sharing some of the things I got up to, as well as a few things I purchased whilst there.

First up, one of the museums we went to was the American History Museum (part of the Smithsonian) They have a collection of the first ladies inauguration gowns throughout history, which was really interesting to see. Here are some of my favourites. 

Carloine Scott Harrison 1889-92
Burgundy velvet and grey satin embroidered in a floral design with grey pearls and steel beads

Nancy Davis Reagan 1981-89
Cream coloured two-piece wool knit suit and cream silk blouse designed by Adolfo

Lucy Webb Hayes, 1877-81
Gold damask and cream satin gown by Mrs M.A. Connelly 

Michelle Obama's Inaugration gown 2009
One shouldered white chiffon gown embellished with organza flowers with swarovski crystal centers,
 designed by Jason Wu 

Patricia Ryan Nixon, 1969-74
Mimosa silk satin gown embroidered in gold and silver and encrusted with Austrian crystals.
Designed by Karen Stark for Harvey Berlin
There were even more wonderful gowns in this exhibition, and if you live in the Washington area, or are taking a trip there I would recommend you go and visit.

xox Niamh xox