20 September 2013

Room Tour - Home Edition

Hi all,

I have been meaning to post my 'after' room tour for ages now. My excuse... I hadn't sorted the throw pillows. I know, its a really bad excuse. But now I am heading off for Uni, so I figured now would be a good time to do it before I drain all of my belongings from it.

If you want to see what my room looked like before then you can have a look here: Before Room
It was quite a big room makeover, and this is now my room for life at home. I went with quite a neutral colour scheme, so that I could change the look of it with different coloured furnishings (cushions, throws e.t.c) I chose Elephants Breath by Farrow and Ball for the wall colour which I absolutely love. We got a new carpet laid which is cream with a really interesting weave.
Some pieces of furniture are the same, but we changed that desk, chest of drawers and wardrobe as they were not functioning properly (i.e they were broken, or on the brink of falling apart). I love the new furniture that I got so much, its kind of french style with the decorative feet and details and antique brass handles. I don't know how I am going to leave it here!

 The bedding I got was from House of Fraser by Sanderson. The duvet cover is cream with a white damask style raised pattern. The grey throw and pillow are from Ikea, and the turquoise throw pillow is from Next. I got it a while ago and it went with the previous colour scheme I had, but until I change it I am happy with it there. I absolutely love my bed, I got it a good few years ago when I 'upgraded' from my bunk bed. I am definitely going to miss it when I go to Uni! On my bedside table there is a lamp from John Lewis which is a similar antique brass colour to the handles on the furniture with a cream twisty lampshade. And a pile of magazines and books I am currently reading. I just started 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green.
My desk area is one of my favourite parts of my room. I love having my desk by the window looking out, as it not only gives great light to work with, but I can also look out at the trees and animals in our garden. I try not to keep too much on my desk, just the essentials, and of course my mini mannequin. I keep a few things on my windowsill. The flowers are from Ikea (yep, they are fake!) So they always bring colour to the room. On either side of them I have a photo frame (antique brass) with a sepia photo of Paris and Port Douglas, two of my favourite places.
 I like to think of this area as my reading area. I have quite a lot of 'stuff' in my room, and these big Ikea box shelves are great for storing the majority of my 'stuff'. I like then using the boxes to put things into. All of the black boxes are from Ikea, and they all have labels which is quite useful. The two slimmer Ikea shelve units next to the big one house my growing dvd collection. I love films and I tend to buy quite a lot of dvds, but I always wait until they are about £3. 

I am an avid collector of fashion magazines, and have been collecting Vogue for a while. New to my favourite magazines is I-D and Lula. I used to get the Beano, for about 10 years (all of the magazines are now in the roof) I keep the annuals that I got in my bedroom. I even have a few annuals from the 60's. My white book shelf was made by my dad, and has been in my room since I can remember. It now houses the majority of my fashion, art and reading books. I want to take them all with me to Uni, but I know I won't have room, so I have to pick my favourites.
 When the shop Pier was around in the UK, one visit we took I got my mum to sit on the 'Satellite Chair' (as I call it) I think they are called papasan chairs. Long story short she loved it and we got two for the lounge. Move on a few years and they aren't being used, so I brought one up into my room. Its the most comfy chair to sit on. You can just curl up with a book or laptop and relax (or fall asleep)

I keep my bags on the back of my door, for easy access to grab when I leave my room. My favourite bag make is Nica because they have interesting little details that I like. But my dream bag would be the Mulberry Alexa bag because it so classic and pretty. (one day.....)
A few little areas of my room. The wardrobe I have has these pole things that extend from the side, which I sometimes use to hang my outfit for the next day on. Recently they have been housing my favourite scarf of the moment and my Helen Kaminski felt hat.

I have my perfume collection in one of the boxes of the big Ikea shelf. I mostly have body sprays which I got in Washington D.C at Victorias Secret. I have really enjoyed wearing them over the summer, but I might transition into using perfume for the colder months. Most of my perfumes are nearly used up, so I have my eye on the Jo Malone counter for my next perfume. They all smell amazing though, I don't know which one to pick.

Finally there is my clock. I got it for Christmas last year as a complete surprise. I had the same clock in my bedroom for the whole of my life and it was probably time to change it. Having the 'Bunnykins teaching clock' hanging on your wall when you are 18 is probably not socially acceptable :) My mum picked out this Thomas Kent clock, and its soo perfect. I love the roman numerals and the colour. Its really big so I have no excuse about being late.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at my room

xox Niamh xox  


  1. Wow your room looks really smart !

  2. Niamh..... ahhhhh your room is stunning !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to do a post like this too but my room just isn't this pretty !!!!!!!!

    1. hehe, thank you so much Sophie :) Please do one! x