11 October 2013

Uni Room Tour

Hi all,

So as a few of you may know I am now at University studying fashion design. I thought that I would do a little room tour of my uni room here, as I am quite proud of how it looks now. I have been working so hard at Uni every day from 8.30 till late at night, and it's such a nice feeling to come back to a room that feels really cosy and homely.

A few notes to add. I am in a shared house for uni, so this is not a tour of a university hall bedroom. We share a bathroom between 4, and I do have a double bed. Okay, enough explainations... on with the tour :)
 This is what you see when you walk in. My bed pretty much takes over the whole of the room. I had to get a new bed for the room as the one that was there was broken :( but it meant that I could get this really pretty bed from Ikea. Its so pretty with the ornate metal frame. They are also very useful for hanging bags off.
 On one side of the room I have a dresser and a wardrobe (the wardrobe is actually my old one from home) On top of the wardrobe I have three green Ikea boxes. I find these boxes really useful. I have stationary, art supplies and fabric in these ones. And my room would not be complete without some Ikea faux flowers. They really brighten up the room and I don't have to remember to water them! I brought a small selection of my perfume collection with me.
 More pictures of my bed. I fell in love with this bedding. The duvet cover and pillow cases are from Joules, I got them at House of Fraser in the sale. The quality is really great, but its the print that I love the most. Its covered in bright flowers and the occasional parrot. And its reversible!!! I have a green throw, and another purple furry throw on the bed to make it extra cosy.
 Beside the bed I have a bedside table (also from home) with lamp (also from home, do you see a pattern emerging here?) which I am trying to keep the current issues of fashion magazines on. Winnie my mannequin came with me, so she has pride of place in the corner with a full length mirror behind. The curtains sneaking into the photo are... also from home... but they weren't quite long enough, so I had to cut and sew more fabric from another one onto the bottom. The shelving unit was already here, and I have filled it with books, files, more Ikea boxes, and on top I keep my printer, and a few items from home that make it feel more homely.
And finally this is my desk. I have my desk facing out the window, which gives great light. My desk lamp is from Ikea, and its really great as I can move it closer to my work if I am doing anything detailed (It's also good for when I am using my sewing machine as the bulb in it has died) And there's my laptop, and some more photos

So thats my room tour.
Hope you enjoyed.

xox Niamh xox

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