20 June 2014

Hello Again!

Well hello good people of the internet!

Its wonderful to see all of your lovely faces again (in a manner of speaking)
I must apologise for my long absence, I can't believe its been so long since I last posted, and frankly I'm a little ashamed.
So much has happened since I last graced your inboxes, and well...one of the most unbelievable ones is that I have now completed my first year at University studying Fashion Design!!!
It's been a whirlwind of a year, and so much has been packed into it, that just thinking about it all is kind of making my head hurt a little. I have made so many amazing new friends, and formed so many memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life (both good, bad, and ugly!)

I really wanted to share everything as it was happening, but time kept slipping away. But now I have decided that I am going to step back through my first year, and show you all the highlights of what has happened. The work I have made, the places I have been, and some of the different opportunities that presented themselves to me.

I'm writing (well..typing) this on the last day of my first year. And I think I might add a little note to my future self. Right now I'm kind of terrified of going into second year. Okay, its going to be so much fun, and there will be lots of new exciting challenges, but at the same time it's another change. More responsibilities (although I feel I have been given ample of them this year!) and higher expectations.
As a self proclaimed work-a-holic and perfectionist I have to admit my balance of work life and social life was a little (well ok...a lot) out of whack for the majority of this year. But with a little help from a few people I'm beginning to find the balance. I'm hoping that next year I can keep that balance and keep everything in perspective.
I'm looking forward to living with a new group of people next year. Six fashion students all under one roof! People are saying we are crazy, but I'm hoping it all works out, and that we don't end up wanting to kill one another! (watch this space!)

But until then I have the whole summer to enjoy (with a summer project from uni, they never give us a break!)

So, stay tuned for more in the not so distant future!

xox Niamh xox

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