3 July 2012

Welcome to Art Foundation

Hi all,

So yesterday was my first day of art foundation. We have two taster days (well more like one and a half) We got told all of the information of the course, and had to fill in a pile of paperwork for enrolment. They also took out picture, which was mean because it rained really heavily and we all go soaked getting to the place! Then awkward ice breaker activities to try to get to know people.
We had a quick art history lecture, which I really enjoyed.
After half a day of having someone talking to us we final got the chance to make something! We were given the task to create a hat from some scrap store materials. I was in a group of 4, but was kind of given the task of taking charge and organising the making. We made a really awesome hat (given the time limitation!), the two people that made the base of the hat did a really good job, it fit really well and was really cute. I made flowers and fans to go on the top. I have taken a few pics on my phone camera, (so they are really bad quality!)...
Me in the hat (the others refused to wear it...) 

xox Niamh xox


  1. Great hat - did you fight over who would keep it ? :)

    1. Thanks, no we left it at the art school. They are all kind of being displayed together :) x

  2. That is so cute <3

  3. Hello Niamh!
    Its heather, from the foundation induction :)
    I have been having a look-see through all your amazing posts, and boy have you got talent!
    Its so interesting seeing all the people who inspire you and then what you do with that inspiration!
    I have to say your textiles pieces are flippin' amazing, they are so professional!

    Hope you have a lovely time in Australia
    and I will see you next year!

    Love Heather

    p.s your baking looks delicious

    p.p.s here is a link to my media blog. It will not be half as interesting as yours because it has to be very technical and 'box tick-y' but i shall lay it down for your perusal! one thing though, please, please don't watch the two evaluation videos at the end. They are really embarrassing and above all will be really boring!
    (hope the link works!)

    p.p.p.s Thanks for wearing the hat! You look great in it! I will explain my disappearance one day x

    1. Hi Heather,thank you so much for your sweet comment! :) I am sorry it has taken me a while to reply, I have been in Ireland seeing the family. I am really glad you like my blog, and I will be having a look at yours very shortly (after I finish typing this!)
      Hope you have a great summer holiday, looking forward to seeing you in september! :) x