8 January 2013

Cara Kabuki Boot

Hi all,

So this is the other thing(s) I bought with my christmas money. I have had a pair of browny red boot from Kurt Geiger for three years now, and as much as I still love them they are beginning to show how much they have been worn. I really wanted to get a pair of brown boots, as I am not completely replacing my kurt Geiger boots yet (I will continue to wear them until they kick the bucket) 
I love riding boots, and in the ideal world where money and location was no issue I would probably buy a pair of Frye boots. (I occasionally drool over their website) 
But I spotted these boots from Cara London, and decided to get them. They are really comfortable, with a nice sized heel and good tread (perfect for snow if we had any...) The leather is really nice, and the metallic details are great. Cara shoes are a little more expensive, but the quality is so good it really justifies it (I also had a £20 voucher)

Here they are:

These boots are quite long, they come to just below my knee, and will be perfect with leggings, skinny jeans or tights. I got them a little roomy so I can squeeze some knee high socks in too.

The zipper and popper at the back are not functional. They are just for decoration, which the girl at the shop had to explain to me as I spent 5 minuets trying to undo the zip :)
The functional zip is on the side of the boot.

I really like how the colour changes towards the toe, as it gradually gets darker.

If your interested in seeing more then click here

xox Niamh xox

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