6 January 2013

Fat Face Gemma Gilet

Hi all,

So a couple of days ago I went on a little shopping trip, with the aims of spending some money I received for Christmas. I spotted this gilet in Fat Face and was torn as to if I should buy it.
When I was little I used to always wear gilets, which were more often hand me downs from my cousins. They used to be metallic purple, or pink. After that I kind of said I would never wear them again. But I decided to try it on regardless. I always like gilets on other people, but didn't think it would suit me.

This one is soo warm and cosy, I wanted it almost as soon as I put it on. Its a good length, and has a fuzzy lining which makes it really comfortable to wear. The outer fabric is also really soft. Once I had decided that I was going to get it, next came the decision of which colour to get. I decided on the colour Mulberry.  (though I was quite tempted by the navy) Although they are not overly stylish they are incredibly warm and cosy!!!
These are three of the colours that the Gemma Gilet is available in.

The inside is really soft and fuzzy. There is a zipped pocket on the inside, and an opening for headphones to come out of. There is piping in the seams also, with the polka dot light pink lining.
Two pockets on the outside (on both sides of the gilet) One has a flap and a popper, ideal for more security. The other is open, ideal for warming cold hands!
What do you think of gilets? Are they something you would wear?

xox Niamh xox


  1. I too used to wear gilets as a kid and swore to never wear them again (especially as in Essex that can have badconnetations), I recieved a free one from laRedoute when my order wasn't up to scratch and they are so comfortable!! jusst whats needed on a chilly day. This one looks so much more comfortable and warm than mine, may have to think about buying one

    1. Well, I would highly recommend it, as a recent gilet convert :) I have barely taken it off!
      Thanks for your comment :) x