30 January 2013

Annabelle's Butterfly Dance

Hi all,

I am very sorry for how long I have left without posting! I have been super busy with Uni applications, which are slowly becoming less busy. I am very excited as I have had an offer from UCA Epsom, after I did an interview there last week!

I have also been busy with college work, and I have made a butterfly cape thing... which I will be sharing with you shortly. But until then here is what I did yesterday in a watercolour workshop. I had to choose a film still (based on my project) so I chose a beautiful film still from Annabelle's Butterfly Dance (which is a restored Edison film) I highly recommend you look it up on youtube, its quite an early film and I believe that the stills were hand coloured.

So here are my loose interpretations of this beautiful image. I mostly focused on the colours...

Bleeding in the black ink, with some fine liner over the top.

Completely wet on wet process, and I softened the overall image by using brown ocher rather than the harsher black.

I really enjoyed the workshop, and I think I will definitely be experimenting more with watercolours, to try to improve my skills with them. As someone who loves precision, watercolours are really pushing my limits as they are quite unpredictable, but I loved watching the colour seep over the page like little veins.

xox Niamh xox