14 June 2013

The Cheese Cake Factory

Hi all,

In Arlington I was recently introduced to the Cheese Cake Factory. I had heard about it previously, and was excited to go there for the first time (none over here in England!) Their menu is extensive, pages and pages of yummy sounding dishes (not to mention the two pages just for cheesecakes)
First off, the portions sizes are CRAZY BIG! I was actually shocked when I saw just how big they were. I had a really tasty salad, the lunch size, and even that floored me. I had a tiny amount of room left for the cheesecake that I had drooled over as we passed the bakery section. I got the ultimate red velvet cheesecake which was amazing...

Again, similar to the main course the slice of cheesecake was massive. Its a good thing that I had my dad there to help me finish it (I think I managed about 40% of it!) So yummy though.
I though I would share a few pictures that I took there, to make you hungry, hehe :)

Whenever we are back in the states we will definitely be tracking down another cheesecake factory.

xox Niamh xox

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