27 June 2013

End of Year Show

Hi all,

My Art Foundation year has come to a close, and it went out with a bang. Our end of year show was a great success, and I think everyones work looked great. I had on display the gold bustle cage and illustrations of the "collection" that it would be a part of.
The garment is made from PVC plastic, which I spray painted gold, then riveted together. The ribbon lacing the back and front was a combination of a green satin ribbon, and an off white cotton lace. (I lovingly stitched the two together for 3 hours!)
I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Based on Victorian fashion and history, it is restrained and cage-like, which reflects how women were treated in that time. The high neckline, is quite claustrophobic to wear. Oh and the green ribbon is a similar colour to the killer wallpaper that was fashionable at the time, which was laced with arsnic. (Happy things really!)


Me with the piece. Dress and lace top from Free People (see previous post)
Hope you enjoyed seeing it.
Future post with close up photos of the illustrations is in the works :)

xox Niamh xox


  1. I love love love this !!!!! It's really inventive and I look forward to seeing your future designs :) also I like the top !!