7 November 2012

Anthropologie ❤

Hi all,

So when I was in London I had a look in a few shops, but the one with the most things that had me wanting to buy was anthropologie. I only tried on a few things (for fear of spending all my money!) but what I did try on I really loved. I only ended up buying one thing (such self control, hehe) I got a jumper that is cream, kind of baggy/ batwing style. Its by the brand Sita Murt. Another jumper I tried on was also from there.
Here is what I tried.. and bought...

The Neva Jacket. I loved this jacket...but unfortunately I loved it more on the hanger. Its quite bulky on, but really warm. I love the paneling with the different fabrics, and I think it looks very different to anything I have seen before. However if I did have excess cash to blow, I would probably have bought it, because it is so unique looking.

Leisurely Layers Pullover. So this is the top that I bought. It is so soft (having a % of angora) and after wearing it yesterday, I found out that it is really warm, despite being quite a light weight jumper. I wore it over a longer sleeved top, which looked quite nice, but I can also see it working well into the warmer months with just a vest top or bandeau under.

Elevated Games Jumper. This jumper has really nice sleeves. They are in a different fabric to the main part of the top, and are lightweight silk. They have some really lovely details, such as the pleating at the top of the sleeves, the slight gathering at the cuff, and the band of the silk again at the bottom of the bodice.
Hope you enjoyed, do you like Anthropologie?

xox Niamh xox

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