16 November 2012

Connacht Textile Crafters

Hi all,

So a few weeks ago I went to Ireland, to see the family, and we one day during the week we went to the Museum of Country Life, as the Connacht Textile Crafters exhibition was on. It was really good, quite small, but there were a few really nice pieces that I think you might enjoy seeing. So I snapped a few pics.. here they are...

Lesley Thomas, a machine quilted wall hanging. The colours are so christmassy.
Wendy Kelly 'Sunset over a bog in Achill'. Stitched on hessian using a variety of yarns.
Susan Basler 'Blossom'. The main materials are natural wool fleece, cotton, wool, metallic and some polyester threads. This had to be my favourite piece from the exhibition. I loved the colours, and how you can see through it.

Bettina Foertig 'Fuchia Cottage Socks'. How cute are these socks?? "The fibres are dyed naturally with indigo, cochineal and gorse flower, then spun and knitted into these picture socks, using intarsia techniques, beading and embroidery. They were inspired by the oRound Tower at Turlough and the ubiquitos fuchia bushes of the west of Ireland"
Sheilah Peel 'Rock Vessel' "Mainly machine needle felted, using wool and silk fibres including embroidery threads. Wire was used to provide support." I thought this piece was quite interesting. I really like the textural qualities it has.
Susie Sullivan 'Celtic Doodle Coat' "This felted coat was designed to combine the beauty of art and texture with protection in a harsh climate. Techniques are traditional wet felting, machine and hand stitching. Medium is merino wool, dye, silk fabric and thread." I quite like the collar on this jacket, and the design on the cuffs.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these!

xox Niamh xox

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