7 April 2013

Fowey - Where to eat

Hi all,

Are you taking a trip to Fowey in Cornwall, or at all interested in what there is to eat there??? Well, after taking a little trip there I have sampled some of the various dishes from different restaurants, and everything I had was delicious. So I will share with you what I had...


We ate here on the first night we stayed in Fowey. No reservations required, just a little patience (the wait can get up to 2hrs, we only had to wait 45mins), and a big appetite! Its a relaxed casual place, serving amazing burgers and other delicious looking dishes. My parents and I all tucked into a burger. I had the chicken burger which was amazing.

Regardless of the fact that I was really really full we were tempted by the amazing desert list. I shared a desert with my dad (which usually happens... and he has to finish it) We got the sticky toffee apple tart. AMAZING! The toffee sauce was really really really good.

Upton House

Whilst staying at Upton House we enjoyed breakfast for two days. I was very excited to see what they had to serve us, and I was so pleased with what I got on the first morning that I ordered the same thing again for the second! 

Above it the breakfast I had. Vanilla porridge with caramelised banana. Very very tasty.

This is the banana bread that greeted us when we got to our table, the fresh baked smell wafted up to our rooms and beckoned us down to breakfast. It was really great, and was warm and light.

This is the full upton. A serving of three sausages specially made by the butcher in the town. My dad had this on both days.

The Dwelling House Tea Room

On the second day at mid afternoon we headed into the Dwelling House tea room. It was so cute inside, a very english tea room with antique cake stands and tea pots everywhere. I have never ever drunk so much tea in my life! I had the jasmine green tea which was lovely (even on the 4th cup) It smelt amazing (kind of like a candle I have) Their list of loose teas is huge, it took me a good 10 mins to decide what tea to get.

For food my mum got a tuna sandwich, and my dad got a toasted sandwich with cheese and cornish ham. I got the leek and white bean soup which was really tasty. It was so filling and came served with a   side of fresh bread.

The Bistro

The second evening (our last evening in Fowey, also Easter Sunday and my dads birthday) we ate at the Bistro. Its French style sophisticated cuisine was recommended to use by Angelique at Upton House. It did not disappoint. 

This was the amuse bouche. A butternut squash soup with a coriander froth. Yum.

My dad had the pasta with crab (which I was also very tempted to get) It looked amazing, and according to him it also tasted amazing.

I got the Lemon Sole which was cooked to perfection.
My mum got a steak which she said was really tasty too.

And to finish we had desert. Two separate ones this time (but my dad still had to finish mine!) I had the white chocolate and marscarpone cheese cake, with lemon meringue ice cream.

So I hope after that you got a flavour (hehe) of the food in Fowey. If you are heading down there you have a few recommendations from me. And if not them I hope I have made you hungry :)

xox Niamh xox

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