3 April 2013

Upton House, Fowey

Hi all,

Welcome to Upton House, the beautiful 5 star boutique bed and breakfast situated in Fowey Cornwall. We recently spent a couple of days there to celebrate my dad birthday. We had seen it in several magazines and after a little research decided that it would be the perfect place to spend the weekend.

There are four bedrooms that are immaculately decorated by Angelique (Upton Girl) These can all be seen on their website. As a family of three we booked two of the four rooms, so we effectively had half of the hotel. My parents stayed in the Loft suite, which was the top floor of the hotel. I stayed in the skullery. I am going to go into more detail on the rooms in a couple of other posts that will be coming soon, as I can't sum them all up in one post (its just not possible!!!)

Oh and did I mention that there is an amazing vintage dress/ hat/ accessories (and other items) shop run by them on the bottom floor. Vintage hats to die for!!!

The service was amazing, and we were made to feel very at home by Angelique and her husband Paul. Angelique is formally an interior designer, and she has really put amazing attention to detail in the entire hotel. From the wall paper, down to the books placed in each room. (you will see later on in more depth...) Oh, and if you fancy you can take home the bed you slept in, the wardrobe you hung your dress in, or any other item in your room including the very cute Upton hare that greeted us when we arrived (toy hare, not a real one)
Breakfast was delicious, banana bread, vanilla porridge, smoked salmon bagel.... mmm
Here are a few more pictures capturing the essence of the hotel...
The breakfast room, joined to the music room.

Breakfast room, dresser which has really cute chine pieces, some of which we used at breakfast. I was particularly fond of the sugar bowl. Its a bath tub, and the spoon is two legs.

This is the lounge/music room. On the first night there I had a play of the piano when we got in from dinner.
We had such a great time there, and left feeling relaxed and refreshed (and I had lots of plans for re-decorating...) :) It is definitely a place that I would recommend, and I would be excited to go back again.

Hope you enjoyed
Stay tuned for more

xox Niamh xox


  1. I like the Niamh makes things on the pictures ! - looking very professional :)

    1. hehe thanks. Its something I had thought about doing for a while. So a couple of days ago I sat down and did all of my photos. It took me the WHOLE day! :) But I guess it kind of protects them in some way x