11 April 2013

The Eden Project

Hi all,

Whilst in Cornwall we took a trip to the Eden Project. It was pretty chilly there, but nice and toasty in the rainforest biodome, and a good temperature in the Mediterranean dome. I think the highlight for me was all of the tulips that were in bloom in the Mediterranean dome, they were all so pretty, and colours that I had never seen before. So prepare for lots of photos of flowers... Hope you enjoy :)

Taking a break from the flowers now, here is some of the very yummy food they serve here. Both my dad and I got the frittata, (the top one) and my mum had the veggie burger which was described as beetroot and feta. (I was tempted by this one too!)

I would highly reccomend a trip to the Eden Project. There is loads to look at, you learn lots, and the food is great.

What more do you want???

xox Niamh xox