5 April 2013

Upton House - The Skullery

Hi all,

Welcome to the Skullery at Upton House:

This is the room that I was staying in for the weekend of my dads birthday. It is one of the four rooms at Upton House, and in my opinion it is my favourite. Described on their website as the baroque boudoir it is chic and stylish. The stunning bed is the first thing that hits you as you enter the room. The enormous four poster king sized bed kind of dominates the room, balanced and complemented by the other furniture pieces in dark wood with similar french/gothic style details. This room is very light with many big windows dressed with blinds and soft gauzy curtains.

The bed was amazingly comfy, and I didn't want to get up in the morning, had it not been for the sweet smell of fresh baked banana bread. :)

There is an amazing free standing claw foot bath tub. I really enjoyed the bath, and I am trying to convince my parents to trade up our current tub for one like this. It was so relaxing to soak in it. The shiny panel on the wall is the tv. Very cool.

Complete with a skeleton in the closet!

Here are the keys to the door of the skullery, with a little skull. All of the keys had a little charm like this, that capture the essence of the room.

I loved the wall paper in this room, cream and midnight blue, with a floral motif and the occasional skull. The whole colour scheme of the room works very well, cream dark wood and darker greys, which complement the wall paper, and pull the whole thing together.

I loved this room, and would go back to stay in it again

xox Niamh xox

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