22 August 2013

Ed's Easy Diner

Hi all,

Sorry my posts have been a little sparse. I have had a lot going on recently as I am getting ready to go off to University. We needed to get some things for the new house, so we went to the Swindon Outlet. Its got great quality pots, pans, clothes, shoes... everything, all for discounted price. In the Swindon Outlet there is Ed's Easy Diner, which my mum and I ate at. It was really atmospheric, with 1950's music and a little jukebox on each table. The food was pretty good too. I got a chicken burger and my mum and I shared a side of sweet potato fries (our weakness!!!) and I even got a super delicious oreo milkshake (yeah did I mention that I am lactose intolerant) Well.. it was totally worth it!

I think its kind of funny that we went to an american style diner in England, and not when we were actually in America. It kind of reminded me of Johnny Rocket. I would definitely recommend it for the fun vibe that the place has.

xox Niamh xox


  1. mmmmm I have to go there !!! How cool that you pour your milkshake and those chips look so yummy :)

    Did you mean buying things for your uni house ? Look forward to seeing pics of it heheh

    1. Yeah the food was really yummy. Yeah, I got lots of kitchen related things for Uni. I might wait until I move in to show it all as its all boxed up under my bed right now getting ready to move off ^_^