8 August 2013

Tea Palace Covent Garden

Hi all,

So here we go... confessions of a tea addict!
I have been really getting into tea drinking over the past year and a half, and my collection has slowly been growing. I picked up a few really nice teas whilst in American at Teavana, and I have been on a hunt for more loose teas in the UK. When in London I insisted that we call into the Tea Palace in Covent Garden Market. It is a loose tea shop, and they have a huge range of different types of teas. I decided to pick up a few, four to be exact, sample sized little caddies. That way I could try them before investing in larger caddies.
They have a wall full of big tins, all brimming with delicious looking teas. But here are the ones that I decided to try.

Starting off the procession, I picked up this fruit tea (no caffeine) the wild berries flavour. Its got big pieces of raspberries, bilberries, elderberries, strawberries and blackberries, giving it a really fruity and slightly sweet flavour. Iced tea I think!
Royal star green tea is another fruity tea (Do you see a pattern emerging?) The green tea is combined with redcurrants, cornflowers, sunflower petals and essence of vanilla. Yum :)
Another fruit tea, this is going to be perfect for making iced tea, while the last dregs of the summer pass by. I do love peach as a flavour in tea, and this one smells sooo good. Packed with peaches, mangoes, apples and flower blossom.
Another peachy tea, green tea. I have tried the Whittards Peach green tea before, but I think this one is my favourite. It has a much lighter and fresher taste. So refreshing.

What kind of tea do you like?

xox Niamh xox


  1. wow, these teas look really interesting ! I've never heard of these flavours before either, nor the shop !!!!

    1. They are soo many flavours and types. Its really nice because you can go around the shop and smell all of them, they even have a few different teas in teapots that you can try. Have a look at their website, you might see something that you like. x