17 August 2013

Snog Frozen Yogurt

Hi all,

On my recent trip to London I tracked down another frozen yogurt shop that I hadn't been to - Snog. As a fro-yo fanatic I was drawn towards it like a magnet. They have a small selection of flavours which you can choose from. When we went the choices were Chocolate, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, or Natural. Add to that the multitude of toppings, and you have a few decisions to make. The queue was impressive, coming out of the shop, and it looked like there was a disco going on with the lights on the ceiling changing colour.
My first snog was a passion fruit little snog. I went a little sparingly on the toppings (going just for raspberries), as I like to actually taste the fro-yo on its own the first time I try a new place. It was really refreshing and delicious.
 We ended up returning again the next day and this time I chose the strawberry flavour and added the chocolate brownie pieces which were to-die-for!!! Really gooey with a crisp outer. And the strawberry fro-yo was delicious too. A little sweeter than the Passion Fruit, so a perfect after dinner treat.

Have you enjoyed a snog?
Know any other great Fro-Yo places?

xox Niamh xox

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