28 April 2012

The Ballgown : House of Worth

Hi Guys,

Soo... another ballgown post. (^_^) This time we are looking at the amazing work of Worth. Charles Frederick Worth is a legend, the real father of the haute couture industry, he has a lot to answer for! If I was Cinderella I would demand that my fairy godmother poof me into one of his creations. Nothing made nowadays even scrapes at the surface of some of his designs. So I though it was only fair to include some of the ball gowns...

1887, Love the combination of colours in this gown,
and the embroidery and beading. 
1893-94, these sleeves are amazing.
1898-1903, The beading/sequining in this dress is quite amazing
(must have taken ages). I can kind of see a face in the skirt (eyes and mouth)
Anyone else see it???
1898, butterflies help give shape to the skirt,
and soft floral fabrics on the bodice give the impression of real flowers
1900, This one is so cute,
notice the corn embroidered on the skirt.
xox Niamh xox

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