29 April 2012

Stitch by Stitch : AS top

Hi all,

Last year for my AS textiles coursework I made a top. Not just any top, this one was decked out with frills :) I used a jacket pattern and flipped it around, so that the top fastened at the back with a row of covered buttons. I decided to use a black georgette fabric which draped really well. It has quite dramatic sleeves with frills attached to the sublimation printed cuff band (covered buttons on the back use the same sublimation printed fabric). The frills are echoed on the neckline, cuffs and the lower part of the bodice. I had an a-symetric hem, which made the length a little tricky to work with as from the back it was long enough to be a dress, and from the front it was short enough to be a top. See what you think....

xox Niamh xox

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