23 April 2012

Hunger Games - Effie Trinket

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Heard of the Hunger Games? Seen it? Well if you haven't I would recommend it. I haven't read the books, but after watching the film I am going to. I loved some of the costumes that were used in the film, particularly some of the outfits of the people living in the Capitol. The character of Effie Trinket, who comes to district 12 to collect the two hunger games participants has some amazing outfits. Take a look...

This Dior ensemble reminded me instantly of Effie Trinket, even though it was created years before the Hunger Games film was even in pre-production. I think its the sleeves that does it, and the colour.
I love the interesting silhouette of this dress. The gathering at the waist is remenisent of the 1950's style,  the fabric is like that of traditional Chinese dress, and the off the shoulder design with low cut front gives a fresh and modern look that is iconic of the Capitol.

You have got to love those sleeves, and the oversized corsage. That is some pretty intense eyeshadow 
This pink jacket, is the first outfit we see Effie wear in the film. Those sleeves, wow. Do you see the link between this one and the Dior?
It seemed that every time you saw her in the film she was wearing something different, and her peroxide hair was tinted a different colour to match. Her matching makeup pulls the whole look together. The costume department for this film, stylists and makeup artists really did a good job!
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