10 February 2013

Fassbender & Rausch - Chocolate in Berlin

Hi all,

For the last week I have been in Berlin (which hopefully explains the lack of posts!) I was on a 'study trip' with my art college, and we saw so many amazing things in Berlin (museums, galleries....) Berlin is such an amazing city, and I will definitely be making a return trip some time, as I feel I have only scraped the top of all there is to see there.

One place we went was the Fassbender and Rausch chocolate shop (chocoholics prepare yourselves!) They have chocolate replicas of lots of different berlin landmarks, and other amazing things. I got a few things (mostly for my parents, but I also got myself some hot chocolate... which I am trying today!)

I took some pictures to convey the amazing-ness of the shop. Unfortunately you can't smell through a computer screen, but go grab a bar of chocolate and smell it as you scroll :)

The Titanic... in chocolate
This stunning cherub was so amazing, its cast in the round so it has a face and everything.
CHOCOLATE PLANE... it was flying above our heads.
The Reichstag Building, I have to admit the large buildings in chocolate looked like they were kind of melting.
Brandenburg Gate in chocolate.


I am going to go and make that hot chocolate now :)

xox Niamh xox


  1. oh my imagine if they melted and someone spent ages carving them..... Fantastic store that beats any sweet shop we have

    1. Yeah, I haven't seen anything like it over here. It would be pretty awesome to have landmarks from around england made in chocolate :)