24 February 2013

Nail Polish Organization

Hi all,

I recently got an order from amazon, which was a few organisational pieces to hold make up and things. I got a nail polish organiser stand thingy, which I had been very tempted to get for a while (to hold my ever growing nail polish collection)

If you are interested this is where I got the acrylic nail polish holder : Click here

I was really pleased with the actual container. It said online that it holds 30 nail polishes (this isn't O.P.I sized polishes, I think its maybe essie sized bottles) The OCD part of me had so much fun putting the bottles in order of colour and brand, and looking at it makes me feel happy (I am aware I have a problem!!!)

Here is how my collection looks now that it is beautifully organised :) ....

I had pre-measured my bath room cabinet to make sure it would fit. Always do this before ordering new furniture or other items, as it is such a pain if they arrive and don't fit!
I have really been enjoying the new lay out, and its great because I can actually see all of the polishes :)

Hope you enjoyed

xox Niamh xox


  1. I imagine you had a lot of fun putting them in colour order :) I might do a post of my nail polish storage - it's not neat and stylish like yours though !!!
    I am a sucker for Nails Inc so that's mainly my collection and then I love ones from boots, like rimmel london and barry m etc :)
    You are so right to say measure before buying because I never do that and end up having to make room for things !
    I look forward to seeing the other bits you bought and how your new room looks :)

    1. Yeah, I would love to see your nail polishes. I haven't tried Nails Inc before, is there any colour you would recommend? :)

    2. ooo I love all their colours hahaha I just love the bottle and brush so much :) I normally wear grey or black. But lately trying to wear some birghter colours :)