6 February 2013

Bobbi Brown - Pink and Red

Hi all,

So, as a devoted Bobbi Brown junkie I am always excited to see the new collections that come out. The latest collection only recently released is the Pink and Red collection. It features... you've guessed it... Pink and Red!
There are two lip sticks, two lip glosses, two cheek tints and two nail polishes. All of these items are limited edition, in other words if you like them get them now (or they will be gone forever!!!)

So, I had a look through the collection, and went to my nearest Bobbi Brown counter. I tried out the red cheek tint, which has a really pretty finish (gives you a flushed glow) Its quite like a cream blush, but in a tube form. I think it would be really handy if you were on the go, and wanted to pop it into your makeup bag. I didn't buy it however, as I have a cream blush that I am working my way through.

Now onto the lip products of which I bought two:

I tried on the red lipstick called heart. It is really amazing, the colour is your classic red lip, and as it is a slightly blue hued red it makes you teeth look that little bit more white. The matte finish is really nice, but not drying, and you can build up the colour to as strong as you want (depending on how daring you are with your lip colour) The formula of both these lipsticks (pink and red) are the long lasting one, supposedly can last up to 8 hours. I love it!!

Now, to add to the lips I also got the pink lip gloss in Pretty in Pink. It is a very sheer gloss which you could wear alone to give a shine to the lips, or over another lipstick to amplify the gloss. Thats what I have done with the red, which I can wear matte, or with a shine. The lip gloss is a really nice consistency (i.e not sticky) and has a slight minty flavour to it, which makes your lips tingle a little. It kind of wakes them up :)

Swatches below:

If you are interested in this new limited edition collection from Bobbi Brown I recommend you to go and check out some of the products. You might find something you like :)

Hope you enjoyed

xox Niamh xox

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