1 September 2012

Chelsea Boots

Hi all,

Guess what... I'm back (and slightly jet lagged) but very prepared for boosting a bit more life into this blog than there has been for the past month. I will probably be doing a few posts on what I got up to on my holiday, but I need to organise the pics first (don't worry, I will try to keep it interesting, rather than boring you with endless pictures)

I am starting back this September with a post on Chelsea Boots. I have recently developed a rather strong desire to own a pair of chelsea boots. They are so cute and really practical at the same time (in this English wet weather they would be able to stand up to a rain storm or two!) I am planning on getting a pair some time soon, in time for the autumn weather to hit. I have only had a brief look around at what is available, but it looks like they might be a popular choice this year with a good few shops stocking a range of different styles for different price ranges.
Here are a few that caught my eye...

This super cute pair are from Carvela, Kurt Geiger. They are the Sloane boot, and come in at £150. I love the deep red-plum colour and the detailing on them that you might find on a nice pair of mens brogues. 

This one is by Dr.Martins, and its called the Kensington flora burgundy leather, and its priced at £110. Being Dr.Martins I am guessing that these would be pretty comfy and durable. I quite like the patent look to them, and the colour.

This pair is quite a classic pair of chelsea boots in quite a standard colour, that would pretty much go with anything. They are from Jack Wills, and are called the Whittenham chelsea boot. These ones would set you back £198, which is quite a lot for a pair of shoes, but they are a classic style, so should last you many years.
ASOS ATHENS Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots £50.00
I thought I would throw these ones into the mis too. Chelsea boots come in more styles than you can imagine, and are not just the standard black and brown leather. You can get suede ones, many different colours and prints. These flowery ones are quite cute, and remind me of some of the floral pattered Dr.Martins, and its quite a girly soft pastel pattern on a more masculine shaped shoe. (plus these more affordable)

Another colourway here. These boots are from Kurt Geiger, the laurel boot, and these cost £220. I don't think I would buy them personally, as i'm not too keen on the gold panel, but its another example of some of the ones out there.
Trickers Silvia Navy Suede Chelsea Boots ASOS £340. These are the priciest pair that I have seen, and are quite an interesting take on the style. They combine all of the variations, in colour, material and shape. 

So, what do you think of chelsea boots?
Which pair was your favourite, and what shoes will you be wearing for autumn?

xox Niamh xox


  1. I love this post ! I am spending my time reading all of the posts you have already written cause I missed them all when I was away !

    1. Hehe, thanks. I am glad you are enjoying them :) x