17 September 2012

SAM - Singapore

Hi all,

So, over the summer during our travels we visited a lot of places. Now as an art student I am constantly looking out for new exhibitions and things that could inspire my work. So when in Singapore we visited the SAM (stands for Singapore Art Museum) It was really interesting to see new works of art from different cultural backgrounds. There were a few exhibitions ongoing in SAM, one of which was 'Seeker of Hope' works by Jia Aili. He is a Chinese born painter, and his work focus on the dramatic changes in Chinese society since 2000. His work brings about a lot of environmental issues, as well as China's space programme. 
There were lots of other interesting pieces by various artists. One thing which really grossed us out was a performance piece which made fast food even faster. It was a video clip in which a man took a burger, chips and coke from McDonald's, put it in a blender.... then drank it!!! (Gag)

Anyways, if you ever get the chance, definitely pop in for a visit

By Jia Aili, there is a hidden figure in this painting... can you see it?
Serbonian Bog, by Jia Aili. The gas masks are quite unnerving! 
Untitled 2010, by Jia Aili
By Jia Aili. This painting is huge, and incredibly photo realistic.
Jia Aili JAL 175. My mum really liked this one. The shine of the metal has been captured perfectly.
By Zero CMYK soft sculptures. I was so tempted to sit on them :)
Nasirun, 'Bajaj Pasti Berlalu'. How amazing would it be to drive around in one of these?
Agus Suwage 'I want to live another thousand years'. I took it as a personal challenge to try to name all of these people... I failed :( Can you do it? Comment their names below if you know them.
I was amazed by this one, so many buildings upon building. 'Impressions of Shanghi'
Another Jia Aili painting, 'Always by my side' I love this painting, the sea is really amazing.

Hope you enjoyed :)

xox Niamh xox


  1. You should come to Malaysia too! xx

    1. I will add it to my list of places to visit :) Thanks for commenting xox

  2. From that smoking picture I only could name three !!!

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