11 September 2012

Colourful little birdies

Hi all,

So, during our little trip in Australia we saw a lot of wildlife. I have always loved birds, and there are some truly beautiful birds all over Australia. I managed to take a few good photos, capturing some of the colours that the birds have in the feathers. I think that nature is so inspiring and I aim to mimic some of its features in my work.
I can't remember exactly what kind of bird this is.. but if I were a bird, I would be this one. It looks like a dove that flew into a paint box!
This little fellow was so cute. Little bright blue kingfisher

These two lorikeets were real posers!
Mr.Parrot is bright green, red and blue
And this is Mr.Parrots Misses. She is red and blue. I think I prefer the colours of the male (but don't let her know!)
Although in the dark his feathers look black, they are really green, purple and burgundy in colour.

This is the cassowary. Quite an imposing flightless bird, with a killer sharp inside toenail. (and this guy isn't so little)

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the colourful wildlife :)

xox Niamh xox

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