4 September 2012

Wire Shoe

Hi all,

So, I had my first official day at Art college yesterday. We have one week called drawing week in which we have two different work shops per day. Yesterday I had a sculpture class in the morning, which was really fun. We had to make a copy of our shoe out of wire. I was so glad I was wearing my brogues as they were quite a good shoe to model.
It was kind of painful working with the wire with bare hands, but luckily there was no blood shed :)

After we finished making them we used an overhead projector to project them up onto a piece of white paper. This let us look at the outlines. We also did a continuous line drawing from the shoes.

Here it is.....
I think that the one thing that i didn't love about it was how the bow turned out. In an ideal world I would have used a ribbon or something for that, but it had to be fully out of wire.

Hope you like it.

xox Niamh xox


  1. This looks so good !!! and I hope college is going well xx I have awarded you for the beautiful blogger award xxxx

    1. Aww thank you so much Soph. College is going really well. And thank you for the award :) xxx