26 September 2012

My Week in Ceramics

Hi all,

So for my first workshop on foundation I chose to do ceramics. I had never really done any work in ceramics before, so most of what I was doing was completely new. The workshop was for 2 weeks, the first week had some interesting outcomes. Many little oddly shaped pots and jugs. I have only just glazed them, but I will show you them when they are fired. 

Below are two things that I am quite proud of (neither has been fired here) The first was a pair of mugs for my mum, with a curved handle, and carved leaves. I have no idea if they will actually function as mugs (I have a feeling that one of them might leak!)

The other thing I made was a trio of vases. I quite like the shape, and I again inscribed them with a leafy pattern. I am looking forward to glazing them an adding colour.

Prepare yourself for some very... interesting shaped things. I had a got at throwing pots on the wheel. It was my very first time doing so, so I wasn't expecting miracles. It was a lot harder than it looked. My first pot ended up with a hole in the bottom as I pushed too far through the clay (hehe) Then my second one was a slight improvement, but I was unable to maintain the thickness of the wall, so its a more... artistically shaped bowl :)

So what do you think of my attempts? (Hehe)

xox Niamh xox

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