12 October 2012

Ankle Boots

Hi all,

So, as I mentioned in a previous post this year I was setting out to find a pair of chelsea boots. Well, instead of getting chelsea boots I found a really lovely pair of ankle boots from Cara London. They are lace up boots (with a zip at the side), they have a fairly good sized heel (practical, but it stops them from looking clumpy at the same time) and they are mustard/brown suede.
They actually come in two different fabrics; the suede, and then a really gorgeous burnt red/brown leather. I was so torn between the two, but I decided on the suede as I don't own any suede boots at all, and they have a slightly more casual feel to them than the leather.

I love these boots so much. They are super cosy and are perfect for autumn and winter weather. I have already worn them with a range of outfits. I think they look quite good with jeans, and also with floral dresses with white frilly socks peeping over the top :) I think the stitching is also really nice on them. They are really well made so I expect them to be living in my wardrobe for the next few years!

xox Niamh xox

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