19 October 2012

Reiss Coats

Hi all,

So I have been doing a little window shopping recently (as well as a tiny bit of actual shopping), wandering through Reiss I was noticing they have some really nice coats this autumn/winter season. I love some of the designs, they are really quite interesting takes on the more classic styles.
I have selected my favourites for you all to see...

Kayleigh jacket, £225. I really like the shape of this jacket and the hip detail, it makes it a lot more interesting than just a flat fabric.

The Fenella coat, £295. The colour of this coat is amazing, I am a big sucker for maroon and deep reds (especially in autumn) Feels like an echo of the changing colours of the leaves. I can see the single button making it a little less practical, but the shaping and the double collar win me over.

The Leo coat, £295. This one has to be my favourite. I even went to the extent of trying this one on. I love the lines and shape of it. The fabric is an amazing colour.

The Laurent coat, £250. Aubergine and black, with really interesting panelling. Very geometric feeling, minimalist and modern. 
Hope you liked them.

xox Niamh xox

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