10 October 2012

Textiles - Print and Embroidery

Hi all,

So here is a bit more of an update on what I have been getting up to at art college. I completed my textiles sessions (Yay) , which were for two weeks. It was really fun, what we did was split into print and stitch. We hand block printed patterns, using blocks that we developed from an item of ours. I chose to use an earring, which has a celtic swan on it. So I printed lots of fabric... :)
Then in stitch, we did free machine embroidery and hand embroidery. We also did some appliqué, again using the motif we developed. I then stitched on top of the prints.

I have got a few pictures of some of the outcomes. So read on...

Printing with the block, using threads to resist the ink transferring to the fabric. I think it looks quite good, kind of photographic.
I did most of the main stitching using the free machine stitch setting, then I embellished it with some hand stitching and ... of course... BEADING :)
Appliqué little sections in different fabrics. The really lovely fabric I used for most of it looked like it had been sublimation printed with patterns of paintings of fields. Unfortunately it kind of smelt like moth balls! Stitching onto both hand and machine.

All of the swans were printed with the thread on top to give the squiggly lines. I then linked them all together with this windy line (free machine)

This was a series of 4 prints, with waves. I joined them all together by continuing the little waves in stitch. Overlapping the print.

I made this one using a random arrow shaped block. I tried to emphasise the shapes made inside the prints with the stitching.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these :)

xox Niamh xox

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