24 October 2012

Feather Headwear

Hi all,

So, I am sorry for the delays in between posts (I have been aiming for one every other day) but you see I filled up the memory space on my laptop, so I have been trying to shift stuff off onto an external hard drive (which takes a while)
Anyway, excuses out of the way... yesterday I went to Oxford on an art trip from college. I visited the Pitt Rivers and the Ashmolean museum, which both had some very interesting things in. I might do a few posts on what I saw as there was so much. The Pitt Rivers was particularly overwhelming as it had so many things packed into one space (including shrunken heads, swords, old musical instruments... and a witch in a bottle!)

So here is a selection of the amazing feathered headresses from the Pitt Rivers.. Hope you like them!
I love the colours of this head dress. Its a South American Chiefs head dress, made from blue and red macaw feathers, and green parrot feathers.
Chicken feathers make up this hat. 
Another South American piece, this one is made from parrot and black powis feathers. I love the layering of the different coloured and lengths of feathers. 
South America, head ornament with parrot feathers. Must be one amazing parrot! 
Macaw and hawk feathers.

A head ornament worn by boys when impersonating evil spirits (according to the label)

This is a breast ornament made from parrot beaks! I couldn't believe that it was actual parrot beaks.

Just a very small sample of what I saw yesterday.
I will try to organise some more interesting images together.

xox Niamh xox

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