21 October 2012

A Day in Bath

Hi all,

Hope you are all having a good sunday. I thought I would share what I have been doing. Today I went to Bath, for a little retail therapy/day out. Since I work on Saturdays its really nice to be able to get out on Sunday. So here are my photos of my day...
Beautiful old house which is covered in Ivy. This time of year the leaves have all turned red.

Dinner at Wagamamas! This is one of their new juices (apple, blueberry and ginger) it was super yummy!
I decided to try something different today. I usually go for the Yaki Soba, but today I got the Wagamama Pad Thai (with chicken and prawns) it was sooo good (quite hot though, those chilli's pack a punch!) 
Little sampler plate of the deserts (white chocolate and ginger cheese cake, chocolate fudge cake, and passion fruit cheese cake) I shared this with my parents. The white chocolate and ginger cheese cake is my absolute favourite.

A little doodle I did in Wagamamas.
My purchases of the day. I got this mannequin jewelary holder in a really cute shop called french grey. I am going to use it to make really small outfits, to test out my designs (I know it will probably be more fiddly, but I will save money on fabric!)
The book I got 'Fashion in Impressionist Paris' looks really good. I have just received the Design technology prize from my school (yay, so excited!) , which meant I had a book voucher to spend. This is the book I got with it.  

A quick outfit of the day:
Jeans - A&F
Jacket - Oasis (borrowed from my mum)
Scarf - Fat Face
Boots - Cara London

Hope you enjoyed, and that you are having a lovely weekend

xox Niamh xox


  1. Hello my fave blogger of all time... I make mini costumes :) It's really cute and I think you were very controlled on your shopping spree :)

    1. Hello MY favorite blogger :) Yes I was very excited to find it, I just have to name her now! I am quite a controlled shopper (but sometimes not so much!) Its nice now that I have a job, buying things feels like I have earned them (but I also work out how many hours work pay for it) hehe.
      Next year we could totally do a talk at Bath Fashion Week on making mini costumes! :) xxx