25 July 2013

Flower Oil Painting

Hi all,

I love painting, and unfortunately haven't had time to do much of it over the past year. So jumping in the deep end I decided to paint an oil canvas for my Grandmothers birthday. I have previously painted her flowers, and she had been asking me for a little over a year if I could do another one for her. This one is a complete surprise, and although her birthday was a week ago I am giving it to her this weekend, as I wanted to make sure that the oils had completely dried (I didn't want them marking her cream walls with green!)

I worked from a photo I took of an open tulip at the Eden Project, but made a slight adjustment to the colour, I kind of amped up the red in the petals, and made the background a little bluer. Oil paints are such a lovely medium to work with, they are so smooth and just blend like a dream, the down side of their slow drying time is that you have to be carful where you rest your arms (I ended up like the incredible hulk after one painting session!)

Here it is:

What do you think?

xox Niamh xox

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