17 July 2013

Jam Jar Lights

Hi all,

We recently hosted a BBQ at our house, and I took it upon myself to bring some decor to the tables. I was working on a budget (i.e I managed not to spend anything doing this) We had empty jam jars which I thought would be good as tea light holders, but on their own they are very plain. Something you could do would be to spray paint them and stick things to them, but I wanted a less permanent option. So I used leaves from a plant in our garden (long and thin) and tied string around the jam jar to secure them in place.

So simple right? 

When the candles were lit and it finally got dark (British summertime so it was quite late) you could see the flicker of the candle through the leaves, and it gave a green glow. 
Due to the amazing heat we are getting in England right now the leaves went crispy pretty quickly, but if it wasn't as dry and hot I am sure they would last longer.

This would be really nice with silk leaves and possibly small silk flowers, giving a more permanent piece.

What do you think?

xox Niamh xox

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