21 June 2012

Bath Spa : Chloe Jones

Hi all,

So on wednesday 20th June I went to the Bath Spa Uni fashion show. It was really good, and they showed work from 1st year right up to the 3rd year graduates. I was quite luck seating wise, and managed to grab a place in the second row, which gave me a pretty good spot to take photos. I did take a good few, and there were so many amazing pieces shown. I thought I would do an over view, but it was going to be huge, so I am breaking it down a bit, starting with Chloe Jones. She was this years graduate fashion week 2012 award winner, and I have to admit I really love her collection. It was 'inspired by gothic architecture, stained glass windows and the ethereal figures that inhabit them' I love how she took a very sportswear look, but completely couture'd it up with amazing detailing and embellishments in areas.

Here is her collection: Our Father Who Art In Heaven

xox Niamh xox

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