30 June 2012

London, V&A, Harrods and Macaroons

Hi all,

So yesterday I took another trip to London, this time to meet up with Sophie from imitation is the greatest form of flattery . So, we had booked tickets for the ball gown exhibition at the V&A, which was really amazing. There were ballgowns from all different decades. My favourites were definitely the ones from the 1950's, and some of the more modern ones were really amazing too (McQueen!!)
After looking round the exhibition we moved onto the general fashion exhibition. We weren't allowed to take pictures in the ball gown section due to copyright reasons, but I took a good few in the general one. Here are some of my favourites..
Evening dress, Pierre Balmain, 1957
Shoes, Roger Vivier for Dior, 1958-60 
Evening dress, Pierre Balmain, 1950
'Zemire' evening ensemble, Christian Dior, A/W 1954
Evening coat, Jean-Philippe Worth, 1909
Bodice and Uncut length of dress fabric, about 1865
Day Dress, about 1908. (I love the top of this!)
Walking dress, 1817-20
Riding coat and waist coat, about 1790

After the V&A we went to whole foods to get some lunch. I didn't bother to take a photo, because I had the exact same thing that I had last week when I went, except this time I had the sour cherry iced tea. (it kind of tasted like harribo sweets!)
After lunch we went to harrods to have a look around, then we bought something (not actually from harrods though) we both go macaroons in Ladruée. I got a vanilla one, and a raspberry one, and Sophie had a coffee one and a salted caramel one. They were so yummy!
Sophie and I outside Harrods

We wandered back to the V&A and ended up outside sat on the spinning top style seats. They roll around 360 degrees, but unfortunately Sophie couldn't get it to spin round. Me on the other hand, I got a bit too confident and fell off!

I had a really great time in London with Sophie, and I'm looking forward to my next trip (whenever that will be) :)

xox Niamh xox

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  1. hahahah those chairs !!!!! great post and now I can use some of your pics woooo :)