28 June 2012

Latex Mermaid

Hi all,

Here is another art project which I have completed. This was my A level exam project. The exam is 15 hours long (spread over 3 days, don't worry they didn't keep us locked up for 15 hours straight) But still 15 hours is quite a long time, especially when in silence... with no i-pods allowed!!! The topic I decided to go with was water... So I first took some underwater photos, then did some painting.. and somehow I ended up using latex as scales, creating a mermaid. I have always had a fascination with myths and legends, and I wanted to be a mermaid when I was younger :) 
I made a chicken wire frame for the tail and covered it with plaster of paris. It was a half scultpture, rather than 3D.
I can only say one thing, cutting out the scales took a really long time!!! I put ink in the latex when I poured it out and made swirly patterns. All of the scales then layered up on the tail. The fin was tyvek (like what I used in the flower sculpture)
This is the fin...

I cast the back of a friend of mine, then poured latex into it to make the upper body of the mermaid. I attached the two together. Oh and the hair was a blond wig, which I beat around a bit.
Here she is at my schools art exhibition. I love how they put sand around her. She was on the floor, the second you walked into the room, and I was a little worried someone wouldn't see her and would fall over her! :)
Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing this. Its quite different to other things I have made :)

xox Niamh xox


  1. hehe, thankyou so much Sophie :) x

  2. Everything about your mermaid is just amazing, it looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it :) x