8 June 2012

Pattern of the Week no. 8

Hi all,

Pattern of the week, Vogue attitudes. This oversized coat, I am in love with. I am definitely going to try making this one, it will be perfect for autumn winter when the weather starts getting colder again (not that I want it to!) In the picture is appears to have been made in a really fuzzy fabric, and it looks super cosy :) I think it looks good with the hood, and the only adjustments I might make to it would be the edgings. I think around the pockets I would do a different colour fabric to make them stand out. Thats just my idea. What do you think?...

xox Niamh xox


  1. Your creations are wonderful, both painting and fashion wise, you have some talent lady!

    I wish you best with this project, I hope it works well and please do show your progress with it if you decide to undertake it! I like the idea of changing the colour of the fabric on the pockets too, something subtle but still awesome!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) It really means a lot to me that people like my work.
      Yeah I think I will make this coat (when I have some free time) probably some time later in the year, and I will definitely make a post about it.
      Thanks again :) x
      (you have an amazing blog!)