2 December 2012

Bath Christmas Market

Hi all,

So the season of christmas is now upon us, and to start the celebrations I went to the Bath Christmas Market (which is based on the German christmas markets) It was soo cold, but I really enjoyed going around all of the stalls. We didn't buy too much, just food things... Cheese, chutney, caramel almonds and toffee apple juice (all really yummy!) Here are a few pics from the day (well evening)

Thats me in the white wooly hat.

Here is the window of one of the shops in the square. They pack so many things into the shop window, and it was so christmassy looking!
My favourite cheese stall, we go here every year. Snowdonia cheese, my favourite is the black bomber, which is straight up strong cheddar. My second fav has to be bouncing berry, which is cheddar with cranberries. Soo good!
We stopped off for tea at Sally Lunns Bun Shop, which is famous in Bath.
And this is what I had.. hot chocolate and a Sally Lunn Bun with cinnamon butter. Really yummy!

xox Niamh xox