21 December 2012

Room Decor Update (2)

Hi all,

So there has been a lot of progress made in my bedroom decorating plan. The carpet has been put down, all the painting is done, and the furniture is slowly making its way back in. All very exciting. I am loving the way the colour scheme has turned out, and am very pleased that the bedding, wall colour, carpet and furniture all seem to work well together!

Here are a few pics of the carpet going down. I will post again with pics of the furniture and things, but I am in the process of organising everything into how I want it.... so it might take a little while :)
Bare floorboards exposed!!!

Ta da, here is the new carpet. It smell really nice :)

Hope you enjoyed!

xox Niamh xox


  1. I feel like I am having my room done lol !!! you must be sooo excited x

  2. Hi again ! for my nail I used two rimmel colours for the base colour, firstly 'black cab' then their glitter top coat :)