14 December 2012

Bedroom Decor (part 1)

Hi all,

So, this is basically the start of a few posts I am going to do on my bedroom and bedroom decor. I had my room the same way for a few years, and I fancied a change (not to mention that the paint was beginning to look very tired) So my planning of the re decoration started in the summer.

(Disclaimer : please note that I am not bragging at all in any of these posts. I am very lucky to have my own space that I can decorate how I would like, and I really appreciate all the things I have)

But first here is a look at what my bedroom used to look like... I didn't actually take pictures before we started painting, these are from a while back, when I had different furniture. But it gives an idea of the colours and what not...
So the main feature wall was this dark peacock colour, the other walls were an off white.
This is the other side of my bedroom. I no longer have this desk, or the drawers and wardrobe. The storage shelves are from ikea and they have loads of space in (which I mostly fill with books...) Oh and please don't judge, I have porcelain dolls on the top of the shelf (I used to collect them when I was younger) 

 So that is what my bedroom used to look like (before new furniture)

Now onto the decor planning. So as I mentioned I started planning in the summer, after my A-Levels when I spent way too long staring at those four walls when I was trying to revise! I got bedding in the summer which was in the summer sales. This started my new colour pallet. I am going for a more subtle  look, with neutral walls and bedding, and I am going to make new cushion covers in mustard, burgundy and cream.
So here is the bedding, the Sanderson bedding was in the sale at House of Fraser, and the throw is from Ikea, which I got a few weeks ago. Its dark grey, so should go with the ensemble quite well.
And here is the new paint scheme. I have to give my parents a big thank you, and they have done so much of the painting (I did some of the edges, hehe) 
The paint is from Farrow and Ball, and its called Elephants Breath!! I loved the name, and I love the colour. Its a really nice paint to paint with, it goes on really smoothly. We did need to do 3 coats with the rollar to get the best coverage.
This carpet was put down when we moved into the house, almost 17 years ago. We are getting a new carpet laid next week, which is so exciting. Its going to be cream, and has quite an interesting weave.

So that is what has happened so far. I will give more updates later

xox Niamh xox


  1. I love the new colour scheme! Cant wait to see it when its finished :)

    Fashion Rhapsody

    Have a fab day, Rose xo

    1. Thanks for your comment Rose, I'm glad you like the colours :) x

  2. I love love love this post :):):)