23 December 2012

Christmas Ornaments

Hi all,

So you have seen my christmas tree. Now I am going to give you an insight into some of my favourite christmas ornaments that are hanging up on the tree.
This really beautiful ornament was given to me by a friend last year. It is a gold glittery phenix type bird.  Its so sparkly!
This little angel was carved out of wood by a carpenter in corfu. It was given to us (for free) after we bought a few things at their shop.
We have three of these little clip on red and gold birds. I think they are so cute with their little fluffy tails. I love hiding them on the tree and seeing who can find all three first.

And finally, the one decoration on the tree that defies the red, green and gold colour scheme. This little silver leaf angel was given to me by a very good friend many many years ago. It always reminds me of her.

So those are some of my favourite decorations gracing out tree this year.

Hope you enjoyed

(2 days till christmas!!)

xox Niamh xox

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