31 May 2012

Fashion Illustration : George Wolfe Plank

Hi again,

I have always found that fashion illustration really captures the era that the clothes are from, and the style of the illustrators help to shape the trends in fashion. George Wolfe Plank (1883-1965) was an American artist illustrator, with his work appearing in Vogue in the form of multiple covers in an Art Deco style related to that of Helen Dryden and influenced, by among others, Edmund Dulac.
Here are a few of my favorites...

Even in illustration those big sleeves are amazing. They do look a little like balloons though :)
I love the colours in this one, and the textures.
Where else would you see a woman in a floor length dress riding a white peacock?
1927 in fur and flowers

xox Niamh xox


  1. These are lovely! Plank is one of my favorite illustrators, too. Sometimes I wish we still had illustrations on the covers of fashion magazines!

    xo Julie

  2. Thank you, I totally agree. I think the fashion illustrations on the covers were beautiful, and really gave illustrators and artists the opportunity to shine.
    Thanks for you comment :) x