22 May 2012

Periodic Table Cake

Hi all,

In celebration of my last ever chemistry lesson, I made a cake. Not just any cake, this was a periodic table of the elements cake (or an abstract take on it) I made a carrot cake using a recipe from Avoca (any cooks or bakers out there, check these books out.. they are amazing) I iced it with a cream cheese frosting, but the fun part was the little squares of icing which I made, coloured to pink, green, blue and purple with black icing to pipe the letters. I stuck them to the cake so they were in a nice colour arrangement (the initial idea of putting the entire periodic table on a cake didn't happen, because I don't have a big enough cake tin, and there are only three people in my chemistry class.)
I iced the cake the night before, and when I saw it in the morning I found that the little squares had bled their colour a little, which was fine (okay it did bug me a bit, cause I am a perfectionist!)
Anyway it tasted really good, and the rest of the science department had devoured it by lunch, here it is...

xox Niamh xox


  1. you must be ver ypopular at school bringing all of this cake in !!! : ) did you do one for every lesson? x

  2. Yep, I only study 3 subjects so I made brownies for my Art class, the flower cake for my textiles class, and this periodic cake for chem.
    I think everyone enjoyed them, I do have quite small classes though, and they were pretty big cakes (some people overestimated how much their stomach could handle!) :) x

  3. oooooh how cool is that. u should be in my class cause i love cake so muchhh. and it's perf for chemistry! what did the teachers say? x

    1. They said it was cute, I don't think that they were expecting anything, so it was a nice surprise for them. They were all comparing which elements they got in their slice :) Thankyou so much for your comment x

  4. OMG this is absolutely amazing! Looks super duper yummy as well :) i love Carrot Cake :P xx