20 May 2012

Queen of Hearts Card

Hi all,

As I previously mentioned on the card nail art post I did it was my last day of school on friday 18th May! With an Alice in Wonderland theme there was a lot of scope for costume. I though about renting a costume, as in the build up to the final few days on school I was super busy trying to finish coursework, but I though that making my costume would make the experience more memorable. I would have loved to have fully made a dress and full costume for either the queen of hearts or the white queen, but alas i reverted to card board and paint to make my card outfit. I decided to be a picture card, cause they are more intricate (giving myself more work to do) I went for a sandwich board style outfit, with two large rectangles of cardboard for the front and back, joined together with ribbon which acted as the straps. So for the face of the card I divided it in half, and drew the queen on one half (as you would see her on a card). Then I traced the drawing that I had just done and flipped it over so that the queen on the bottom half would be exactly the same as the one on the top.
I then painted in the colours black, red, yellow and a little bit of blue. For the back of the card I just did a really random design, I was kind of running low on time at this point so I just painted it blue and grabbed a black marker pen and did some swirls, hearts and diamonds.
A few other people made their outfits, someone came as alice stuck in the house (house made of cardboard), and there were a good few white rabbits. It was a really enjoyable day, and the cooks put on a full mad hatters tea party for us. I am going to miss my school, but the only way is up right?

The back of the card. Kind of random pattern, if I had time I would have liked to do a really impressive one, 
but i didn't :)
Alice falling down the rabbit hole (down the main staircase)
xox Niamh xox


  1. I went as the Queen of Hearts for something and my brother went as the King of hearts and our Grandad made the exact same costume !!!! what coinkidinki !!!

  2. That is a big coinkidink, great minds think a like :) x